RECIPE: Omed Chicken

Omed (standing) Chicken

We have a cast-iron chicken cooker that can be used on a grill, outdoor fire, or in the oven. We only use it occasionally, but when we do it certainly does a great job. This time we cut a large potato into chunks and placed those around the outside rim (along with the giblets). In the middle hole you can either pour a beer or broth of your choice to flavor and moisten the meat. Then season the bird and potatoes as you wish. We like southwest style seasoning, so that is what we use a lot on various meats. This one cooked in the oven at 350 degrees (on convection bake) for 90 minutes, turning the pan half-way through. Baking without convection would probably be best at 375 to 400 degrees. Delicious and easy meal!

chicken cooker 12062014 chicken2 12062014


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