Three Deadly D’s

Deception, Distraction and Discouragement are what I consider to be three deadly opponents to our successful walk of faith. They aren’t the only opponents but they are certainly formidable. Just a small amount of introspection will yield some interesting insight on these enemies. They can creep in subtly and grow like a cancer without us realizing it. What are we being deceived by? What are we allowing to distract us from Him? Why are we entertaining discouragement and giving it a foothold in our minds?

Elohim, protect Your people from deception, distraction and discouragement. Let us remember our first love…You, and always keep You as our main focus. Let us live in Your truth, have discernment and wisdom in all things, and push aside thoughts or activities that draw us away from Your joy.   Praise to You alone, Adonai!


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