Impossible and Illogical

Isn’t it amazing that YHWH often show cases His Glory by working in impossible and illogical circumstances?  Why would anyone endeavor to establish a homestead or retreat, something that takes so much preparation and work, at this late date?  It seems that the economy is on the verge of collapse and we are one event away from complete societal breakdown.  We are the tiniest moment away from invasion, attack, stuff hitting the fan or whatever you see as the most likely calamity.  We agree these are very dangerous times and it certainly looks like we are on the slippery slope about to rush headlong over the precipice, whether by economic ruin, war, pandemic disease, or a combination of things.  What kind of idiots start NOW to get a group together and attempt to prepare a homestead?  We would certainly think similar thoughts ourselves, if we weren’t being led by YHWH and sensing His strong assurance of provision in this matter.  So even if you are set up where you wish to be for TEOTWAWKI, join us in prayer and faith….waiting to see how YHWH will glorify Himself by making this provision.  How will he make this Hebrew Roots Homestead materialize?  We’ll have to wait and see!  Praise His name!

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