Closed Doors

For the curious, here’s a bit of background information. Dear hubby and I are not newbies to this homestead thing. We created a homestead in the past: made our own plans, chose our “ideal” location, set up our own provisions, and got to work. Naturally, God was asked to bless our efforts, but somehow things didn’t go as hoped. We had the knowledge, skill, ability and enthusiasm to accomplish the goal, but still, it wasn’t exactly right. This was several years ago when we were learning some invaluable lessons from Adonai. He allowed us a taste of success but limited it. For multiple reasons, we eventually had to turn around and try a different course. He had thrown all the doors wide open to allow us to do this, but then things sputtered along. Realizing our error from the vantage point of hindsight—we were doing our will in His name. Naively we assumed that the “open doors” on this path were His stamp of approval. We didn’t realize how our hearts and thinking were wrong, but He was faithful to correct us.

This was the same time frame where He was drawing us out of the organized Christian church, showing us many false teachings and teachers, and enabling us to question the doctrines we had taken for granted. So this was a time when our eyes were being opened and doors of opportunity (in our view) were being closed. Fast forward several years and we had the incredible understanding given to us about the Hebrew roots of Christian faith. Now, it seems YHWH is setting us back on the track we had tried to pursue years ago on our own. He graciously restores many things for those who suffer loss.

While we are certainly not as righteous as Job (Iyov), we find hope in his story’s conclusion.

When Iyov prayed for his friends, Adonai restored his fortunes; Adonai gave Iyov twice as much as he had had before. ~~Job 42:10

Adonai blessed Iyov’s later situation even more than his earlier one — he had 14,000 sheep…. ~~Job 42: 12

Adonai, protect us from ourselves. Stop any way that we attempt to pursue our will in Your name. Thank you for teaching us through all our stubborn mistakes and sins. Cleanse us and help us to pursue You, Your kingdom, and Your will above all else. Let dying to self and living for You, precious Elohim, be our daily heart’s desire and pursuit!



2 thoughts on “Closed Doors

  1. I want to be part of your Homestead, I too am a Hebrew Root’s believer and Have been for over 5 years now, I know about earthship homes, electricity etc, I hope it is YHWH’s will for us to succeed it this.


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