Daily Planner

daily planner

I confess that I’m a list maker and calendar lover. Dear hubby might say my affinity in this area is beyond the “normal” range. Organization has helped me and my family in multiple ways through the years. So, I’ve tried planners, both paper and electronic, over time and never really found one that helped with both work and home, or one that I found useful long-term.  Last year I tried Sue Hooley’s 2014 Daily Planner and was pleasantly surprised. So, I have her 2015 version now too (found here on Amazon.com). It would be great for a homemaker, home school mom, or any woman who prioritizes her role as a “keeper at home” whether she does it full or part-time. Organizational tools are very personal matters, so I can’t say it would work for everyone. But, for what it’s worth… I really like it!


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