Learning Hebrew

Just a few Hebrew words transliterated into English:

Day = Yom

Hello! = Shalom!

Peace = Shalom

Sabbath = Shabbat

Thanks! = Toda!

So long or See you later! = Leheetraot!

Transliteration is the process of putting a word from a language with one type of alphabet into another language with a different type of alphabet. The English and Hebrew alphabets are not the same. Letters in Hebrew look very strange to us native English speakers. So, to express the pronunciation of a Hebrew word it is transliterated into an English form, using English letters to describe the sound of the Hebrew word.

For anyone trying to learn Hebrew, I recommend using multiple sources to gain the fullest comprehension. That seems to work best for me, at least. I expect it to take years to learn this language, but am eager to do it! Currently, I am studying with HebrewPod101.com, “Getting Started in Hebrew” from First Fruits of Zion, “Hebrew Word Pictures” book by Dr. Frank Seekins, and a “Webster’s New World Hebrew Dictionary” (transliterated version) by Hayim Baltsan. There are more resources out there I hope to use in the future, but for now this is my study collection.

Are there any Hebrew teachers or students out there who’d like to share their advice?


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