Vocation or Slavery

The definition of “vocation” is regular employment, occupation or profession. “Slavery” is defined as wearisome drudgery or the condition of being a slave. That is according to my handy (yes, a physical one held in my hands!) Merriam-Webster Dictionary. I’m sure many of us have sinned by grumbling about our jobs, comparing it to slavery that we cannot escape. (Forgive us, Elohim, for our iniquity!) While we should not complain, demean or slander, we do have freedom to make choices. What if we stepped out in faith to get out of a horribly unpleasant work situation? Now, please understand that YHWH does not promise us a trouble-free life. Quite the contrary, we are to expect problems and to be hated in this world. However, if we are committed to living as He commands, and our employment requires us to compromise with evil, or entice others away from Him, then we should strongly consider leaving that situation. If we stay in a circumstance where we cannot honor our Lord, are we being His servants or are we really slaves to money, prestige, or whatever keeps us there?

I read a quote recently by a man who switched from the corporate world he disliked to being a small farmer on his own land. He explained his life before this change as follows:

“I felt like an imposter, using up my life doing work I did not care about or enjoy.” ~~Keith Stewart

How many of us can relate to this statement?!  My prayer is that 2015 will bring YHWH’s blessings on His people who step out in faith, pursuing His direction and relying on Him.

Glorify Your name, oh Adonai!  Demonstrate to the world that You indeed are sovereign, that You can take the most impossible situations and bring blessings and provisions beyond our imaginations!


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