SurvivalBlog goes TORAH!

Recently, a post on a well-known blog, and especially the response, caught my eye.  See here

For those who aren’t aware, is the number one website for preparedness and survival information.  James Wesley Rawles started this site many years ago and often mentioned his Christian faith.  In the last year or two, he hired another person to be the primary editor and writer for this site.  Hugh Latimer, the new editor, is apparently a Torah-pursuer!  His response to a letter written to the site (see the link above) is very interesting!  I would definitely correct two things he writes, first the Israelites were in Egypt for 430 years as per Exodus 12:40-41 and second, I would strongly disagree that Hebrew is easily learned, especially for adults who are native English speakers.  Besides those two details, I think he’s fairly accurate in his explanation.  I was definitely surprised at his Torah-uplifting response.  There are more people coming to the truth of the Whole Word of God and the validity of the Torah than we know.  Praise Adonai!.


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