Trying to be Relevant

Have you noticed how often people try to exalt themselves and their actions?  Many attempt to inflate their own importance even in the most mundane situations.  They are trying to be relevant.  If it weren’t so troubling, it would almost be laughable how pervasive this relevancy need has become.  I recently read a project summary written by an eager young woman.  She used the word “relevant” five times in just one page.  Sadly, this infestation of needing to be relevant is due in large part to our cold, high-tech culture.  We have no relationship face-to-face with other humans.  We have no skills or abilities to sustain ourselves, but rather expect the modern conveniences to be there for us endlessly.  We have no understanding of cause and effect.  We simply exist and don’t really live.  Deep inside, many people know their lives are meaningless, hence the endless pursuit to fluff it, and themselves, up.  What a tragedy to have such empty futile lives, when Yeshua made such an enormous sacrifice for our eternal souls!

Oh, YHWH, open our eyes in this sleeping society and bring love back into our hearts.  Make our stone hearts into flesh, with your eternal Torah written on them.  Show us by your Torah’s loving instructions how to love You and others.  Let us be set apart, holy, in this culture of cold, uncaring, unknowing people so that we can shine Your light to all the nations.


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