Unseasonably Warm

This has been a roller coaster winter, weather-wise. We’ve had some intense cold, but it didn’t last long. We’ve had some snows, but they didn’t last long. In between cold snaps and snow storms, we’ve had unseasonably warm weather. This last week we had several days with high temperatures in the 50s and 60s! Some of the plants are starting to green up, so this can be a dangerous thing. If plants start budding this early in the year, it is very likely we’ll have more winter weather coming which could damage or kill them. Also, in this part of the country, we need winter snow pack in the mountains to ensure wildfires don’t get out of hand this summer. Everyone you talk to is thrilled for the beautiful weather, but there is apprehension along with the enthusiasm. We all know that sometimes what seems so great right now can contribute to something bad later on.

Dear hubby and I took advantage of the warm temps to get into the hills near our house. We even found some of last year’s antler sheds in the process. Shalom on a warm Montana winter’s day…!

antler shed 02072015

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