Sabbath Keeping Employers

In America’s money-centric climate, it is difficult to find employers who don’t do business on the Sabbath.  In so many economic sectors, Saturday is considered the high profit day of the week.  Certainly there are industries that are known for only being open Monday through Friday.  But the vast majority of those still do not avoid working on the Sabbath.  When the days are short in the winter, they do not close early on Friday before sunset.  They have no qualms about coming in to a closed office on Saturday to get extra work done.  So, with this situation, how do Sabbath keepers find employment that enables them to be obedient?  Do they start their own businesses in lieu of seeking regular employment?  Do they spread the word about those rare businesses that are faithful to the Sabbath so others can support those businesses and also seek employment there?  Or, are we living in such a corrupted society that adherence to the Sabbath is impossible for businesses, employers, and employees?  No matter how corrupt a society may be, YHWH is sovereign.  He is greatly honored through our obedience, especially in things that are difficult and that distinctly set us apart from the crowd.

Do you know any Sabbath honoring employers in this country?  If so, post a comment so we can spread the word.


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