MPM Day 4: Prayer for Favor

March Prayer Madness Day 4

Listen, Adonai to my voice when I cry; show favor to me; and answer me. My heart said of you, ‘Seek my face.’  Your face, Adonai, I will seek. Do not hide your face from me, don’t turn your servant away in anger. You are my help; don’t abandon me; don’t leave me, God my savior. ~~ Psalms 27: 7-9

Hear me, Adonai, and show me your favor! Adonai, be my helper! ~~ Psalms 30: 11

For he who finds me [wisdom] finds life and obtains the favor of Adonai. ~~ Proverbs 8: 35

YHWH, Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we pray for Your wisdom and favor. Show us favor and answer our prayers. We seek Your will and Your ways. Give us wisdom. Be our helper. Direct our paths and make them successful with all glory to You alone. Give us favor with man in ways that will honor You and accomplish Your goals. Pour forth your wisdom, help and favor upon Your people who seek Your face. Praise and honor to You, our Adonai!


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