MPM Day 8: Prayer for Strong Faith

March Prayer Madness Day 8

But I prayed for you, Shim’on (Simon), that your trust might not fail. And you, once you have turned back in repentance, strengthen your brothers! ~~ Luke 22:32

Also see the story in Luke 7: 1-10

Elohim, strengthen our faith. Let our trust be completely in You and Your only Son, Yeshua. I pray that we would not be double minded, but cling to our first love, You. Just as Yeshua prayed for his friend Simon Peter to be strong in faith, let us be strong in our faith as well. Oh, that we would have the “great faith” of the Roman officer described in Luke chapter 7. Increase our faith by showing us Your great faithfulness. You, Adonai, are worthy of all our trust, worship and obedience! To You be all glory forever and ever! Amen!


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