MPM Day 19: Prayer for Families

March Prayer Madness Day 19

Adonai, we lift up our families to You. Many of them reject Your torah or You completely. Draw them to Yourself and bring them to saving faith. Many of them have serious needs that we cannot remedy. But You can. Bring Your truth to them, make them hunger and thirst for You above all else, protect them from false teachings, and give them healing both physically and spiritually. For those of us who are far away from family members, bring others to our loved ones who can be our hands, and really Your hands, to help them with their needs. Show us how to honor our family members when it seems impossible. Protect and provide for our loved ones when we can’t do enough. Bring comfort and understanding in the difficult familial situations that Your people encounter. Oh, Elohim, we cry out for Your help. You know the needs better than anyone. Pour forth Your love in an amazing way that brings great praise to Your holy name!


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