Homestead Update!

Adonai is faithful and gracious in all things. Even in our stumbling and fumbling, Elohim knows when we sincerely desire to obey and follow His direction. His love is unspeakably deep!

There are changes for the homestead plan due to Adonai’s leading. Praise His holy name, He has shown us precisely where to move! But as often is the case, our plans are not His plans and our ways not His ways. While we are THRILLED to be going to this new area, the specific location He has provided appears to be another temporary location, not the homestead we had planned. We believe that plan may still take place, or continue to transform, but we are leaving it in His hands.

So, the bottom line is: (1) The planned homestead may occur at a future time, if Elohim wills. However, we will change our plans joyfully whenever He leads. It may become more about being in proximity for fellowship rather than actually living together on the same land. We will have to wait and see what He intends. (2) We know where Adonai wants us to move and we are preparing to do that. Praise His name for showing us the specific location! (3) We will continue to fellowship through this blog with anyone who is interested in doing so.

While this is not what we envisioned when we started pursuing partners for a Hebrew Roots Homestead, we will gladly change course if it is Elohim’s will. YHWH’s provision is overwhelming in this matter and it is clear that Adonai intends us to move to this specific location, so we are eagerly preparing for that. Please continue to include us in your prayers as this adventure unfolds!


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