MPM Day 31: Prayer of Rejoicing

March Prayer Madness Day 31

THANKS to everyone who persevered through this month-long prayer vigil, our March Prayer Madness. Relying on our God for all things seems “mad” to the unsaved world, but we know it is the only way to truly live! We hope that you have been blessed during this month and have seen Adonai’s hand working in mighty ways. Feel free to share any words of praise in the comments section.

Adonai Elohim, how glorious is Your name! We come before You on this final day of the month, on the Gentile calendar, and lift hearts to You in praise and rejoicing! What an awesome God You are! You are the only true Adonai, the only one worthy of worship! Thank you so much for hearing our prayers and answering so many of them in Your sovereign will! It boggles our minds at times how faithful and loving You are! We rejoice in Your grace, mercy, provision, and blessing. Continue bringing Your people together in unity and fellowship. Help those who are burdened with worldly and religious baggage to be loosed and set free to Your complete truth. All glory to You forever and ever, Amen!


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