Joyfully Busy

Time is a precious thing, isn’t it? At times there seems to be a dire shortage of it. Dear Hubby and I are joyfully busy with preparations for the upcoming move. Sorting, donating or selling extra items, packing, keeping out only what we will need, very carefully labeling things we will need immediately after the move, etc. We are experienced at moving, so we have learned some of the main pitfalls to try to avoid during this process. Our dog knows what the packing means. He’s just waiting for the fun…the car ride!

But, this time it feels different, more exciting and yet peaceful. Knowing we have waited on Elohim and He has clearly guided us to this location, the normal work of moving seems to be more enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, it is not easier. We aren’t young “kids” in our twenties. Moving is definitely work. However, knowing we are following Adonai’s leading, with no doubts about that, brings a joy and peace that can only come from Him. Praise His name!


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