Flood Victims

Please pray for the flood victims in Texas, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.  Many people have damage to home and property and the rains keep coming.  Others have lost loved ones.  Please keep these people in prayer over this weekend and beyond.

Adonai, hear the cries of Your people.  Protect, deliver, comfort, heal, and restore.  Bring people to saving faith in You through this tragic situation.  Regardless of the circumstance, we give praise to You!  We know judgment begins with Your people, before it comes to unbelievers.  Your Word says this plainly.  So bring those who claim Your name, wherever they live (in the “Bible Belt” and across the globe) to genuine repentance and bless abundantly in Your mercy.  In Yeshua’s holy name, Amen.


Squirrel Chuckles

The squirrels love to chatter at us, and amazingly I was able to snap a few pictures of this little guy hiding deep in the tree branches.  The last photo sure made me chuckle.  What could he be thinking to make such a face?

squirrel may 2015

squirrel2 may 2015  squirrel3 may 2015

“Fix it, Jesus” – Graduation Prayer

An impromptu prayer at an Alabama high school graduation is getting some attention online these days.  A graduating senior was asked to pray when an audience member in the stands had a medical emergency.  Those on the field  in the graduation ceremony didn’t know what was going on.  But the “fix it man” Jesus was called upon.  See this link for the story…