Reliance on Others

Sometimes it is hard to rely on other people. That is why there is the saying, “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”. We’ve all been in those situations. It is common to life in this world. You have to wait on someone else to do X before you can finish a project or move forward with something. In the office setting, you have a deadline to meet but you cannot finish your portion of the task until John or Jane Doe down the hall does his/her part. You remind them, encourage them, or whatever, but still it places a burden on you because of their actions. Everyone reading this has experienced this in one way or another.

Currently, we are in that predicament waiting on a dear brother in the Lord to do several things he has said he would do. It is times like these, especially, that patience comes hard for me. It is difficult to continue waiting on this dear brother. But YHWH is teaching me to rest in Him, put aside my ideas of what “should be” and focus on His goodness. He also reminds me to pray for this man and his family. Thanksgiving and praise to Adonai for being so gentle with us in so many ways when He teaches us. I pray that I respond to His gentle leading and don’t often have to learn lessons in a more painful way. Praise His Name!


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