RECIPE: Shomronee (Samaritan) Elk Stroganoff

Make this tasty dish for family, friends, or strangers, and you’ll be considered the “good Samaritan” of the event!

elk stroganoff

Shomronee (Samaritan) Elk Stroganoff

1 quart jar of canned elk meat (pre-cooked and cubed) or 1-1 ½ pounds tender cooked meat of your choice
8-10 medium mini-portabella mushrooms (crimini mushrooms), sliced
1 t. chopped fresh garlic
2-4 T. butter
1 packet Stroganoff sauce packet
1 pint sour cream (or amount required by sauce packet)
water as required by sauce packet (or substitute milk)
¼ cup white wine
1 pkg egg noodles

In large skillet, sauté garlic and mushrooms in butter until just tender. Add meat and simmer on low. Separately, follow sauce packet directions. When sauce is done, add to meat mixture, stirring well. Cover and continue to simmer on low. Prepare egg noodles according to package instructions, don’t overcook. One to two minutes prior to serving, add wine to meat mixture. Serve sauce over noodles and enjoy!