Settlers in a Foreign Land

I heard a great quote recently: “For people who are supposed to be pilgrims, we certainly look a lot more like settlers.”

Indeed! We get very comfortable and settled into this world, this foreign land where we currently reside. Aren’t we to be focused on the Kingdom of Elohim? Aren’t we citizens of the spiritual commonwealth of Israel? Why are we so comfortable in this world? Yeshua deliberately lived differently, not having a place to lay His head. Don’t misunderstand. Adonai never says that we must be homeless or perpetually nomadic. In fact, His Word says that the prudent person prepares. Physical circumstance isn’t the true issue. As with all things of God, it is a matter of the heart. Where is our delight, our treasure, our comfort, our rest, and our security? Is it in a house full of “things” or a barn full of “preps”? Just something to ponder… Shalom to my fellow pilgrims.


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