Bacon Gluttony

Maybe you’ve notice this too. Lately, it seems that many people are attempting to express rebellion against Muslim world expansion by proclaiming love for bacon and over emphasizing it to the point of gluttony. Somehow they seem to think that Muslims are the only ones who reject pork! Those who realize that the Torah is still valid, that YHWH’s commandments are still in effect, know that pork and shellfish are prohibited as food by our Creator. Any Orthodox Jew, Messianic Jew or Hebraic Roots-type Christian who pursues obedience to Elohim’s commandments usually keeps the dietary commandments from Leviticus 11. So, try to not be angered with the ignorance of those making these bacon promoting comments. Just be aware of this misunderstanding and pray for them. Ultimately and sadly, they are thumbing their nose at Adonai.


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