Return of the Bethlehem Star?

Some people, who have studied stars and constellations in the skies, have made an interesting hypothesis. They believe the star seen by the wise men at Yeshua’s birth was a rare astronomical anomaly that is reappearing this week. It should be visible from North America. They’ve dubbed this the Bethlehem Star, the Messiah’s Star, or the Christmas Star.  A few are wondering if this is a signal of Messiah’s second coming.  Others have cautioned that this might be Satan’s counterfeit to announce the anti-christ coming on the scene. Regardless of how it happens, or the meaning of it, we may see a bright star (or more accurately, a conjunction of planets shining brightly) in the skies over the next few nights.  From what I read, tonight and tomorrow (Tuesday) night are the main days to view it.  Let’s remain watchful and especially prayerful in these times.


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