Reject Compromise

Earlier this week I heard another self-absorbed politician singing his own praises, specifically on the issue of compromise.  He used his past history of compromise as a positive qualification toward a higher political office.  Have you ever looked up this word in the dictionary?  It has many interesting definitions including one noted in the graphic below.  One definition that I found spoke of “mixture” of two elements.  I’ve posted previously (titled “No Mixture”) what I believe our Father thinks of mixture.  While it certainly goes against the grain of our current sin saturated culture, most compromise should be rejected!  Compromising with your spouse on what you have for dinner, where you go hiking, etc. is appropriate and good.  However, any issue that includes any aspect of Elohim’s commands, regulations, ways, or truth can never be mixed with error or compromised.  Doing so brought the ancient Israelites into Adonai’s judgment, and appears to have brought current day America to this same fate.


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