Recommendation: WildBranch Ministry

Brad Scott and Bill Cloud 08082015 in BF IDBrad Scott and Bill Cloud in Bonner’s Ferry, ID

We were blessed to be able to hear Brad Scott teach in person at Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho recently. He spoke about ending strife in the body of Messiah. The audience was reminded that we aren’t “lone rangers” (my term) in this life of faith. We are to work together, not let debates or differences of opinion divide us. To paraphrase, he suggested we need to consider that “the Cloud is moving now, are we willing to go where it goes or stay behind arguing?” Obviously the reference is to YHWH’s visible presence that led the children of Israel out of Egypt. I thought it was an excellent point.

His website is where you will find many enlightening articles and lessons. A particularly important one that he goes into great detail on is the Hebrew vs. Greek Mind. A huge hurdle in correctly understanding the Scriptures is our “Greek mindset” or western way of thinking. For the sake of brevity, suffice it to say that our black and white, only one right answer to a question, linear thinking is not the mindset of the Biblical writers.

If you are serious about studying the Bible, or doing word studies, Brad’s teachings will certainly prove beneficial. And, if you get the chance to hear him speak in person, we’d highly recommend you do so! Shalom!


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