World War III

There’s an intriguing story on Breaking Israel News titled “Great Torah Sage Predicted Almost 100 Years Ago a Third World War Before Redemption.”   The article describes a “divine message” one rabbi received before WWII, placing the messiah’s coming to the year 2015.  Also, it states he predicted a third world war would come 75 years after the start of the second world war.  Very interesting possibilities considering what we are witnessing in the world!

We must always be cautious with predictions and professed “messages from God” and test them to Scripture.  In the last days, the Bible tells us there will be lying wonders, so just the fact that something happens as predicted does not necessarily mean the one making the prediction is a godly prophet.  Also, when the prediction comes from someone who doesn’t believe in Messiah Yeshua, any “messiah coming” they describe might not be Yeshua’s RETURN, but rather the “man of lawlessness” or anti-Christ who convinces many that he is the messiah.

These are indeed days to stay in the Word, in prayer, and keep watch.  Shalom!


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