New Moon

Most of those reading this are aware that there are differing opinions on the correct Biblical calendar we should use. Many just use the traditional rabbinic calendar developed during Babylonian captivity. Almost everyone agrees that this is NOT a 100% accurate calendar, and certainly that it does not follow Biblical calendar mandates. However, sighting the new moon as YHWH prescribed in His Word is more tedious and does not allow for long-term planning. So, convenience wins out in most calendar debates. We realize that as a general rule, the most convenient solution is not necessarily the best. Rather, it can often be a source of temptation to do something unwise or downright sinful.  But, that is for another discussion on another day…

On this blog we normally recognize YHWH’s Holy Days, and calendar dates in general, based on the admittedly errant rabbinical calendar dates. This is for two reasons. First, we recognize that the vast majority of the world that follows a “Jewish” or “Biblical” calendar follows this one. Second, it is undeniable that many of Adonai’s celestial signs fall on significant dates on that calendar. Whether the calendar is correct is not up for debate. It does not meet Biblical standards. However, due to those two reasons, we will acknowledge dates on this commonly used timetable.

Personally, we often recognize additional Holy Days that line up with the new moon sighting, as I’m sure many of you do. And, on that note, the new moon was not sighted in Israel on Monday so they know that the true first day of the 7th month will begin this evening (Tuesday the 15th) at sunset. That means, the “true” Yom Teruah begins tonight.

Regardless of which calendar you follow, please strive for unity in the body of Messiah. Let us not argue on issues that don’t affect our salvation. We can be sure that Yeshua will set all things straight when He rules in the millennial kingdom. Shalom!


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