Thanksgiving in the Sukkah

Have you ever considered the resemblance of the American holiday of Thanksgiving and the Lord’s Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot?  They are both a time of rejoicing and giving thanks to YHWH.  Some historians believe that the original idea for the Pilgrim’s first Thanksgiving celebration was the Biblical feast of Sukkot.  The Pilgrims are thought to have lived briefly with a Jewish community in Holland before coming to America.  Regardless of their intentions, the similarities between the two holidays are easy to see.

With this in mind, we began winding down our celebration of Sukkot with a mini-Thanksgiving meal.  From the photos, you’ll notice we didn’t have “all the fixin’s”, just protein, carbs and tons of gravy!  We ran out of time and just focused on the basics, knowing leftovers would include salads or other more healthy sides.  For the curious, this was a store-bought turkey not a wild one we shot.

As clarification, Dear Hubby and I have no problem celebrating the traditional American holiday of Thanksgiving in November.  Anytime we purpose to give thanks to our Elohim is good with us!  Our only concern with “Turkey Day” is that so many people disregard WHO we are supposedly giving thanks to and focus instead on stuffing our bellies.  We strive to do it differently.  Shalom!

Thanksgiving meal in Sukkah5 Oct2015 Thanksgiving meal in Sukkah4 Oct2015 Thanksgiving meal in Sukkah6 Oct2015


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