Homestead Training

As we’ve mentioned previously, some years ago Dear Hubby and I had our own homestead.  But “life gets in the way” as they say, and we had to put that aside.  While we wait for the Hebrew Roots Homestead in physical form that YHWH may provide, it is good to remind ourselves of the skills needed in that setting.  No one can do it all, so there’s always something to learn.  Some of you are in the same position, a waiting mode, hoping, praying and dreaming of your homestead.  Don’t let that time be wasted.  Endeavor to learn as much as you can now so that when you get going, things will go more smoothly.  Think of it as your training time before the marathon!

With that in mind, we’ll be posting links to some instructional videos that you may find helpful in learning (or remembering) various aspects of the homesteading life.  We certainly won’t vouch for all of these people or their ideas, but just provide them as an example of a training tool.

One of the most common questions any homesteader gets is how to pay for that lifestyle.  Becky’s Homestead is certainly not kosher, but she has down-to-earth charm and good points to consider.  If this sample interests you, she has many other videos on her website.


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