Gathered Together

We often hear and talk about being set apart.  In learning how the Whole Word of God is still valid, we come to understand that the word “holy” means to be set apart.  While that is true, Hollisa Alewine makes an insightful point in her review of the Biblical creation account.  On the second day, YHWH separated but He did not call it “good” until He gathered together on the third day.  His people are the same.  Yes, we must go through the separation process but it isn’t good until we are gathered together with “like kind and like mind”.  This is a main hope and purpose of this blog, to draw together followers of Yeshua who strive to please Him in lives of obedience.

As we’ve said before, Dr. Alewine’s teachings are worth watching.  Take a look at her Creation Gospel series (click here then scroll to the bottom to get to the first episodes) and prepare to take notes!  Shalom!


Allowed to Pray

Breaking Israel News has another interesting article.  This one (linked HERE) is about a bill proposed in the Israeli Knesset to allow non-Muslim prayer on the Temple Mount.  It basically calls for freedom of religion at that location, so others can legally pray there.  Currently, only Muslims can do so.  (Even as I type this, my mind reels wondering how such a restriction could have ever been allowed to exist!!)  The article’s author suggests this bill may be a step toward fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

A noteworthy quote in the article comes from a Canadian rabbi who says, in part:

We [Jews] serve as a light [to the nations] by being obedient to follow God’s Torah and model the Godliness that it teaches.

This is true of all believers in Yeshua as well.  As the world gets darker, we must shine His light brighter!

Let us remain watchful.  We should not take for granted these times we are living in.  This is just one small example of how we have the privilege of being eye witnesses to Biblical prophecy and eternal history taking place, in many ways and on many levels.

Recommendation: 1828 Dictionary

Definitions do not remain static in our world.  (Note: Definitions don’t change with YHWH.  He defines all things, and gives the only true meaning there is.  But, that is a discussion for another day…)  Societies and cultures modify definitions as they see fit.  When a word or phrase has changed from one usage to another, the original meaning isn’t always kept, even as a secondary or lesser meaning.  Usually it is just replaced.  This is one reason that people from different generations can have great difficulty understanding one another.  An elderly person knows a word, phrase or concept by an older definition than what is used today.  This process complicates the understanding of past cultures and their texts because the new generation relates to their words in a way unintended by those living in that day.

Brad Scott of WildBranch Ministry suggests using the 1828 version of the Webster’s Dictionary because the meanings are more true to their original, and Bible verses are often used as illustration.  Hard-copy editions of this older dictionary can be expensive, but there is a free online version at THIS LINK.  Try it out!  I believe you’ll find it to be a very helpful Bible study tool!

Homesteading: Clearing Land

Almost any type of land can be used for a homestead.  However, clearing some debris or overgrowth is often required.  Brush, rocks, stumps, or full trees will likely need to be removed in at least one area of your land.  Farm Hand’s Companion gives a humorous yet informational take on this process.  Be prepared to read the screen during the video, as there is no verbal narration, just written text.

Winter Wonderland

Winter has come!  A covering of snow alters the appearance of the entire landscape.  While some places across the nation are seeing unusually warm temperatures right now, we’ve accumulated approximately a foot and a half of snow.  It came slowly but steadily over the last two weeks.  Love the seasons that Adonai put in place!

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winter scene2 12252015 winter scene 12252015

Birth of our Savior

One of the responses I’ve gotten, and you may have too, about not celebrating Christmas is:  “So you no longer celebrate the birth of our Savior?!?”  The answer must not be harsh, but often the truth is tough for people to swallow.  We love to celebrate our Savior, Yeshua, year round!  He is everything in every day, not just a reason to celebrate one day per year.  We simply choose to obey YHWH and His instructions to observe His feasts, not man-made holidays born from pagan worship rituals.  Adonai says He is not to be worshipped in the same manner that false gods are worshipped.

Do you recall when Joshua took the Israelites into the Promised Land?  They were ordered to destroy all the pagan alters and anything used to worship the false gods.  They were not allowed to “cleanse” them and rededicate them unto YHWH, turning what was originally pagan into something holy unto Adonai.  Think about it!  Christmas is the same thing.  Sure it’s fun and enjoyable, but are we called to please ourselves, or die to self?  Shouldn’t we care what pleases our Creator, Lord and Savior?

So, we choose to honor and obey His wishes.  We don’t know exactly when Yeshua was born, but can be certain it wasn’t December 25th!  It may have been during Sukkot, or Passover, or even in the summer.  I’ve seen reasoned, intelligent cases made for each of those possibilities.  There is no Biblical mandate to specifically celebrate His birth.  (Although, as I said, any time we can celebrate our Lord is definitely worthwhile!)  However, Yeshua did tell us specifically that if we love Him we will obey His commands. We should glorify and honor Him daily with our thoughts, words and deeds.  Shalom!