Birth of our Savior

One of the responses I’ve gotten, and you may have too, about not celebrating Christmas is:  “So you no longer celebrate the birth of our Savior?!?”  The answer must not be harsh, but often the truth is tough for people to swallow.  We love to celebrate our Savior, Yeshua, year round!  He is everything in every day, not just a reason to celebrate one day per year.  We simply choose to obey YHWH and His instructions to observe His feasts, not man-made holidays born from pagan worship rituals.  Adonai says He is not to be worshipped in the same manner that false gods are worshipped.

Do you recall when Joshua took the Israelites into the Promised Land?  They were ordered to destroy all the pagan alters and anything used to worship the false gods.  They were not allowed to “cleanse” them and rededicate them unto YHWH, turning what was originally pagan into something holy unto Adonai.  Think about it!  Christmas is the same thing.  Sure it’s fun and enjoyable, but are we called to please ourselves, or die to self?  Shouldn’t we care what pleases our Creator, Lord and Savior?

So, we choose to honor and obey His wishes.  We don’t know exactly when Yeshua was born, but can be certain it wasn’t December 25th!  It may have been during Sukkot, or Passover, or even in the summer.  I’ve seen reasoned, intelligent cases made for each of those possibilities.  There is no Biblical mandate to specifically celebrate His birth.  (Although, as I said, any time we can celebrate our Lord is definitely worthwhile!)  However, Yeshua did tell us specifically that if we love Him we will obey His commands. We should glorify and honor Him daily with our thoughts, words and deeds.  Shalom!


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