Gathered Together

We often hear and talk about being set apart.  In learning how the Whole Word of God is still valid, we come to understand that the word “holy” means to be set apart.  While that is true, Hollisa Alewine makes an insightful point in her review of the Biblical creation account.  On the second day, YHWH separated but He did not call it “good” until He gathered together on the third day.  His people are the same.  Yes, we must go through the separation process but it isn’t good until we are gathered together with “like kind and like mind”.  This is a main hope and purpose of this blog, to draw together followers of Yeshua who strive to please Him in lives of obedience.

As we’ve said before, Dr. Alewine’s teachings are worth watching.  Take a look at her Creation Gospel series (click here then scroll to the bottom to get to the first episodes) and prepare to take notes!  Shalom!


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