The Way Life Turns Out

Life doesn’t often turn out as we think it will, or even hope it will.  Our ideas and plans can be so meaningless, trivial, nonsensical and flat-out stupid at times.  In my life, YHWH has allowed me to have so much of what I wanted and let me taste the things that I yearned after.  Dear Hubby has always, in his deep love and giving nature, gone above and beyond to make me happy, fulfill my wishes and desires, and put a smile on my face.  What a blessing to have such a husband!

However, there are times when Elohim teaches us what Solomon learned so many years ago.  It is all vanity and worthless striving.  True contentment is never found in seeking after our own desires, but in diligently seeking Adonai!  Whether our desires involve positive things (home, children, fellowship) or not, they are empty without a deep relationship with YHWH, and meaningless if they sidetrack us from His will for us.

These last few months, Adonai has provided a blessed time of instruction for us.  The truth of this verse has been made strikingly clear…

One can devise many plans in one’s mind, but Adonai’s plan will prevail. ~~ Proverbs 19: 21

He has allowed us to experience so many wonderful things.  But regardless of what we hope and plan for, He will have His will in the end.  Our future may turn out entirely different than what we envision.  All of us have this taught to us in one way or another.  The key is to hear our Teacher and not brush Him aside.  He can turn anyone’s “NO, not THAT!” to “even that, Lord, if it is Your will, make it happen”.  He is Sovereign and will do a mighty work if we open our hearts and minds to His Spirit.

For Dear Hubby and I, we are grateful for His graciousness in being so gentle with us in this process.  No, life doesn’t always turn out as you thought it would or should.  But the key is finding peace in whatever comes.  He knows so much better than we do.   We know that intellectually but we must live the reality in our actions, thoughts and attitudes.  Thanks be to Him for teaching us so many incredible truths!


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