Homesteading: Harvesting Rainwater

Water is the most essential natural element needed for life.  Finding ways to ensure you have access to clean water is an integral part of homesteading.  This may include a water well with alternate power pump for off grid or electric outages, a stream, creek or spring.  Rainwater harvesting is another good option.  Markerbuoy has a great video tour of his system, that he and his family have relied on for twenty years.  There are aspects of this setup that you may be able to use in your own situation…


3 thoughts on “Homesteading: Harvesting Rainwater

  1. Growing up, all of our water was collected rainwater. It always tasted so much better than town water. However, you do have to be careful if you’re, say, painting the roof and the wind knocks the paint down the gutter into said tanks…Definitely have to be more mindful when you’re responsible for collecting your own water.


    1. Great points! Yes, taking responsibility definitely involves a lot of additional awareness that current society doesn’t teach or even promote anymore. Mindlessness is the rule rather than the exception these days, unfortunately. Thanks for sharing your thoughts…!

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