A Certain Hope

Brad Scott from Wildbranch Ministry has some awesome studies on his website (see blogroll to the right for a link to his home page).  I felt someone reading these words today might need the encouragement of reviewing the Biblical concept of “hope”.  In his word study on this (link here), Brad says:

Another word in Hebrew is yachal which is used in context of confidently waiting for something. Not as in waiting to see if your friend shows up or if it rains today, but rather waiting for the baby to come or your W-2’s to come in the mail

Look to Adonai, our Divine Creator, and find encouragement in His love and tender mercies!  We don’t have to “wish” He will do as He promised, we can KNOW it.  Dive deep into His Word and learn His ways.  Then truly we can have hope, joy, and peace!  Praise YHWH!


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