Winter Storm Jonas

Note that the name Jonas is another spelling / translation of the name Jonah, as in Jonah the Prophet.  The Bible book bearing his name is very short, but full of incredible insights on Adonai’s mind, His mercy and love.

I saw an interesting comment online regarding this weekend’s winter storm named “Jonas”:

Jonas, bearing a “sign” unto the capitol. It took three days for one to cross ancient Nineveh and this storm is expected to last three days. The end of the storm will be this Monday which will be the 15th of Shevat… or Tu b’Shevat.  40 days was the call from Jonas to the Assyrian capital of Nineveh (built by Nimrod) until destruction would come. They repented.

Tu b’Shevat is the “New Year for Trees” and is symbolized by the almond branch budding and bearing fruit, just like the staff of Aaron. It is also viewed as the day God looks upon the earth to see if indeed “fruit” is bearing in the lives of those who are redeemed.

Incidentally, 40 days after the sign of the storm ends, 40 days from Tu b’Shevat, you will come to the 25th of Adar. Historically, this is the day in 396 B.C.E. when King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was slain. It is also the day in 1933 when Hitler was granted full dictatorial powers.

While there’s absolutely no guarantee that judgment will befall our nation or it’s capitol 40 days after this storm, it is another thing to watch.  Adonai has His own will and timing, but we are called to keep awake and watch so that we aren’t caught unaware.  And regards to the exact date that 40 days would be complete, that is up for debate.  The forty days count could start when the storm hit on Friday the 22nd.  We don’t know.

In my opinion, we should not focus on date setting or day counting.  That’s an unending rollercoaster that only leads to discontent and ridicule.  Being aware of possible situations is one thing, FOCUSING on it is another.  We should have hearts and minds so firm in a true faith that we are prepared for tribulation at any moment.  We should live with a humble repentant heart, always with our sights locked tight on Adonai and His kingdom.

Putting judgment date setting to the wayside, it is interesting to see the similarities between the Biblical account of Jonah and our current day.  Ancient Nineveh was known for its wickedness and had received prior warnings from Elohim.  It was the capitol of the Assyrian empire.  Nineveh was eventually taken over by Babylon because their repentance at Jonah’s warning didn’t last.  America has had warnings of coming judgment (remember The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn), and had short-lived, surface level repentance (turning to church after 9/11).  The American empire, once thought to live by Christian ideals, now is known for the perversions and wickedness it lives and promotes.  Our government certainly has few, if any in my opinion, true believers in the Elohim of the Bible.  Their fruits (deeds and words) testify to their ungodliness.

Again, I’m not saying anything tragic will happen the first week of March 2016 (40 days after this storm), because Adonai is sovereign and does as He wills.  However, if something does happen, I will not be surprised because our wicked “leaders” have driven Elohim out of this land and openly reject His authority.  May YHWH have mercy and protect His people in these days.


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