Continental Divide

Sometimes we all realize that things we take for granted are really somewhat unique and special.  For instance, I’ve crossed the Continental Divide many times in multiple states.  The first time it seemed like a historic thing seeing something I had only heard about in school and movies.  Over time, as with most things you become more accustomed to, the luster wore thin.  But I realized, there is a large part of the nation’s population that will never see this sight.  So, the last time I passed that way, I made sure to capture the moment in photos. (Although there’s only so much you can photograph at 70 miles per hour!)  This is driving along Interstate 90 east of Butte, Montana.

Montana continental divide 2016 Montana continental divide2 2016

For more information on the Continental Divide, click this graphic from the Wikipedia article on the topic.

cont divides


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