Do You Rule?

The daily routines and habits that Dear Hubby and I have had for many months now have gotten a much needed disruption.  During this same time we’ve been incredibly blessed with new deep understandings of so many Biblical truths.  But within the physical, material world where daily activities reside, we’ve been stuck in a rut.  So, with loving encouragement and motivation from Adonai and some unavoidable changes in the routine, we are pursuing healthier habits.  Hooray!

With this in mind, I heard a quote that had to be shared!  I don’t know the source, but whoever it was sure said a lot in these few words of advice…

Be sure to rule your habits.  Don’t let your habits rule you.

Biblically, this parallels the admonition to let the spirit (Ruach) rule over our flesh (Nefesh or soul).  Hope this resonates with you and brings blessing to your day!  Shalom!


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