MMM Day 13: False Prophecy

March Mitzvot Madness Day 13

There are many religious personalities that claim to be prophets and claim that their dreams, visions or “whatever” are direct revelation from YHWH. While Adonai can certainly give dreams, visions and understanding, we must be very wary of these things. True prophecy never contradicts YHWH’s already established written Word.

The Adversary is a masterful counterfeiter. He has given “secret knowledge” to many people over the centuries. So whenever we hear someone proclaim a prophetic word, or if we think we’ve been given one ourselves, take heed. Be very cautious that you are not deceived. False prophets are given the death penalty by our Creator.

But if a prophet presumptuously speaks a word in my name which I didn’t order him to say, or if he speaks in the name of other gods, then that prophet must die. You may be wondering, ‘How are we to know if a word has not been spoken by Adonai?’ When a prophet speaks in the name of Adonai, and the prediction does not come true — that is, the word is not fulfilled — then Adonai did not speak that word. The prophet who said it spoke presumptuously; you have nothing to fear from him. ~~ Deuteronomy 18: 20-22


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