Goodbye Montana

Could changing shoes indicate a bigger life change?

Adonai is ending our dedicated season of study and learning. During the last year in northwest Montana, we have been blessed with abundant time for deep Biblical study. YHWH has been so faithful to instruct us and open our understanding in so many ways. This wasn’t what we expected when He brought us to this corner of the state.

Over the last few months, we anticipated a change was coming, but the specific one He provided was unexpected. Isn’t that like our Elohim? He always knows best! And, I believe that like a good Dad, He enjoys surprising us with special presents!

So our time in Montana is ending and a new adventure in the Grand Circle is beginning. (What’s the Grand Circle? Click here.) Not sure what He has in store for us, but cannot thank Him enough for showing His hand so clearly. We still yearn for the physical homestead to become reality, but yield to His perfect will with gladness.

What a change this brings! We may still need the pac boots on occasion, but not as daily footwear for huge chunks of the year. Follow along with Hebrew Roots Homestead on the new journey that YHWH is taking us on…

footwear changes labeled


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