MMM Day 25: Dietary Laws

March Mitzvot Madness Day 25

Leviticus 11 defines which animals are food and which are not.  The majority of Christian denominations teach that Yeshua changed this in Mark 7:19.  Most of us who strive to understand the Hebraic context of the Bible would disagree.  He simply reiterated what was known — certain things are food and other things are not food.  I believe it was a “no brainer” to Yeshua’s listeners that some things are consumed and other things aren’t.  Eating swine would have been equal to eating a sandal.  Neither has ever been food.  Only in our twisted modern world do we consider items such as plastic and chemicals to be “food grade”…as in most of our processed “foods”, sodas, etc.

A good resource to learn more about the dietary laws, how they are misunderstood, and how they are truly still relevant today is 119 Ministries (see blogroll to the right for their link).  They have several video teachings on food including “Are All Things Clean?”, “ Acts 10: Peter’s Vision”, and “Noah: Could He Eat All Things?”  For anyone with questions on this topic, we’d recommend viewing those teachings.


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