Celebrating the Feast of Unleavened Bread!

Even if you don’t know much Hebrew, this video from the Key Tov Orchestra will likely make you smile.  Let’s celebrate the Feast!  Blessings!

Next Year in …?

In our temporary location with 95% of our belongings tightly packed into storage, we enjoyed the Passover seder.  This was not the event that I had hoped for, but it was joyous nonetheless.  We had no special tablecloth, only an old white bath towel to drape across the worn wooden table in our partially furnished mini-apartment.  There were no nice dishes, only paper plates and plastic cups…well, besides one inexpensive glass goblet for Elijah.  While we covered the matzah with a worn white hand towel, we were blessed to have a delicious roast leg of lamb as part of the meal!  Even in our most humble settings, we can lovingly obey our Creator, remembering and observing His Passover.

While considering the events of last night, I came across this story (click here) from the Times of Israel.  It was published three years ago, but touched my heart because these dear soldiers held a memorable seder under circumstances they would have preferred to have differently.  As so many end their seder with the hopeful proclamation “Next Year in Jerusalem”, these military men did as well.  They were in Israel, but not their homes and not in Jerusalem.

None of us knows if we will be granted another breath, so we certainly don’t know if or where we will hold the Passover in 2017.  But our Elohim is faithful and His loving kindness never fails.  May we praise Adonai in all things, regardless of tablecloths, dishes or anything!  Shabbat Shalom dear friends!

passover seder 2016 roast leg of lamb for passover 2016

Seder Time!

We are about to sit down to our Passover Seder and Dear Hubby brought this article (click here) from Breaking Israel News to my attention.  Whether you are celebrating tonight, or have already done so, we wish you a very blessed Passover season and new year of YHWH’s Feasts, His appointed times!

We know there are many opinions on the correct timing of the Passover.  Being obedient to observe it, in love and gratitude, is more important than arguing over the correct date…at least, that is our perspective.  Blessed be Adonai and Yeshua our Messiah!

Hope Remains

Yes, with Adonai, even in these dark days, hope remains….

God’s will is that none should perish. Judgement isn’t His desire…but His necessity. The good must bring evil to an end, or else it would cease to be good. And yet His mercy is still greater than His judgement. His heart always wills for redemption. And therein lies the hope. 

Jonathan Cahn, from The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America’s Future

Earthquakes Abound

Even those only paying minimal attention should have noticed alot of earthquakes happening recently.  The one Saturday night in Ecuador was massive!  Many Bible believers from different faith traditions have wondered when the increasing swarm of earthquakes would really signal the End Days.  This topic is discussed in an article (click here) from Breaking Israel News…

Please Share TODAY: Prayer Request

We all have so many needs and know others with multiple needs that I often hesitate to share prayer requests.  Most days, it seems, we could spend hours just sharing issues that we would like raised up to our Father.  However, today, I am putting aside my normal hesitation.  I wanted to see if this community would assist in order to open the heart and eyes of a dear young man. 

This young man (we’ll call him Toby) is someone I’ve known for a few years.  He had a difficult childhood and was taught some twisted things.  As a young adult in his early 20s, he is struggling to overcome that foundation, and really even to recognize the problems in himself and how they can be dealt with.  Of course, I don’t know his level of faith, if any, in YHWH, but he has been told the Truth.  Today, he is expecting to face an unpleasant, even dreadful, day.  The specifics are irrelevant.  I informed him that I believed he would have a good day and would pray for that for him.  This just resulted in a doubting chuckle.  We’ve all been there, haven’t we?  Thinking there is no way this day could turn out well.

Would you please join in this prayer and share it among your faith communities?  May Adonai be greatly glorified in Toby’s life today.  May Toby see YHWH’s hand in a clear and undeniable way this day.  May there be no doubt in Toby’s mind and heart at the end of the day that Adonai is real, true and hears the prayers of His people.  May Toby be humbly thankful and submit himself to the Creator and Sustainer of all things.  May Toby, from this day forward, be able to see beyond himself and focus on the Kingdom of God. May this day be the start of a transformation in Toby’s life where he greatly hungers and thirsts for YHWH, is not turned aside by deception, and gives himself completely to Him.

Praise be the name of YHWH, our Adonai Elohim!

Feeding Multitudes…in the Old Testament?

We know and enjoy the stories of Yeshua feeding the multitudes miraculously with only a few loaves of bread and fish.  But did you realize that the prophet Elisha did a similar thing?  His multitude was only 100 men, but it still was a miraculous provision of YHWH.  This is another example of the cohesiveness of the entire Bible.  Our Elohim doesn’t change.  Praise His Name!

A man came from Ba‘al-Shalishah bringing the man of God twenty loaves of bread made from the barley firstfruits and fresh ears of grain in his sack. Elisha said, “Give this to the people to eat.”  His servant said, “How am I to serve this to a hundred men?” But he said, “Give it to the people to eat; for Adonai says that they will eat and have some left over.”  So he served them, and they ate and had some left over, as Adonai had said.  ~~ 2 Kings 4: 42-44