Climate Change

It has been a busy time.  Transitions can be difficult.  Our current challenge can best be described as a climate change.  We are no longer in the heavily forested mountains of Montana with fiercely independent minded neighbors, whose outdoor activities consist largely of cutting firewood, hunting and fishing (both men and women).  April in Montana is normally a time of roller coaster weather with glimpses of warmth mixed with continued cool or even cold temperatures and heavy wet snows.

From that “normal” we have been removed.  Now we live in a desert climate with temperatures already nearing 80 degrees!  Our neighbors are still good, but their outdoor activities and opinions on what constitutes “cold” (amongst many other things) are vastly different.

Adonai is gracious and loving; there is no question of that. We look forward to seeing how He transforms our lives, attitudes and mindsets during this time and in this new place where He has planted us.


One thought on “Climate Change

  1. I’d love to know where you landed. We’re in Mesa, AZ area. We know it’s temporary but have found a wonderful fellowship here.


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