Next Year in …?

In our temporary location with 95% of our belongings tightly packed into storage, we enjoyed the Passover seder.  This was not the event that I had hoped for, but it was joyous nonetheless.  We had no special tablecloth, only an old white bath towel to drape across the worn wooden table in our partially furnished mini-apartment.  There were no nice dishes, only paper plates and plastic cups…well, besides one inexpensive glass goblet for Elijah.  While we covered the matzah with a worn white hand towel, we were blessed to have a delicious roast leg of lamb as part of the meal!  Even in our most humble settings, we can lovingly obey our Creator, remembering and observing His Passover.

While considering the events of last night, I came across this story (click here) from the Times of Israel.  It was published three years ago, but touched my heart because these dear soldiers held a memorable seder under circumstances they would have preferred to have differently.  As so many end their seder with the hopeful proclamation “Next Year in Jerusalem”, these military men did as well.  They were in Israel, but not their homes and not in Jerusalem.

None of us knows if we will be granted another breath, so we certainly don’t know if or where we will hold the Passover in 2017.  But our Elohim is faithful and His loving kindness never fails.  May we praise Adonai in all things, regardless of tablecloths, dishes or anything!  Shabbat Shalom dear friends!

passover seder 2016 roast leg of lamb for passover 2016


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