Who’s Responsible?

Can you believe what THEY did?  Everything would be fine, if only THEY…  THEY made me (late / mad / pick a word)…

Have you heard statements like these?  Have you said them yourself?

One of the things our world is lacking most these days are people who take responsibility for themselves and their actions.  They don’t blame others, their circumstances, their childhood or whatever.  (While those things can certainly have an effect, they can’t force us to do or not do something.)  People who willingly accept responsibility, own up to any mistakes or faults and strive to do it better are a sparkling jewel in this dark world.  Know anyone like that?  Do you struggle to think of just ONE person you know who lives that kind of life?  Indeed our modern world is in dire need of these types of people.  This used to be a part of normal character development that was taught and expected in all people.  Now it is unique and rare.

What if WE become those people?  No more blame game, no more pointing fingers.  Let’s take responsibility for our actions, good and bad.  We really can make that conscious choice.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

They didn’t cut me off in traffic.  No, really, it was that I wasn’t paying attention and almost ran into them.  I need to pay closer attention when driving.

My boss isn’t a tyrant.  He expects me to arrive at work on time and prepared to do my job.  I should not arrive at work 15 minutes late wearing wrinkled clothes and expect him not to say something to me.  It really is my responsibility to make sure that I am prepared properly for work and to arrive on time every single day.

My friend wasn’t in a grumpy mood when I met her for lunch.  She just didn’t get to say a word for 20 solid minutes while I complained and whined about my work day and how I was treated unfairly by coworkers and customers.  I didn’t show any care for my friend, only for someone to listen to my ugly, blaming, self-centered words and victim speak.  After that start to our conversation, why am I surprised that she seemed distant and irritable? 

Personally, I have made a LOT of mistakes.  Adonai has been more than merciful with my failings.  But let’s remember that failure is an event not a person.  Everyone fails at times.  We just need to admit the mistakes (own them and not try to brush them off onto others) and learn from them.  Then we can turn them into valuable lessons on life’s road.  Some of them may even become the seedlings for future success, Adonai willing.


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