SCOTUS Abortion Clinic Ruling

This week the Supreme Court struck down Texas regulations on abortion clinics.  The decision is expected to have wide-spread affects throughout the nation.  As I looked at newspapers around the southwest, my stomach turned to see such exuberant celebrations of the ruling.  The rhetoric of this being a victory for “choice” and “women’s rights” is bogus.  No, abortion is murder in its most cowardly form!  YHWH doesn’t give anyone the right to kill what He alone has placed in a womb.  Look at the photos here from the Corpus Christi Caller-Times (Corpus Christi, TX) and the Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, AZ) as an example.

CorpusChristi newspaper 06282016
Corpus Christi Caller-Times 06/28/2016
ArizonaDaily Star newspaper 06282016
Arizona Daily Star (Tucson) 6/28/2016

It reminds me of a beautiful quote from Alan Keyes.  If only we had national leaders like this man.  May Adonai have mercy on this nation and all its citizens.

Alan Keyes abortion quote

Sin Control?

Saw this article titled “No to gun control, yes to sin control” on (formerly World Net Daily) and thought it was worth sharing.  Joseph Farah, the author of this piece, is the founder, editor and CEO of WND as well as a columnist and author.

One line from the article that I especially liked was this one:

We talk about guns every day in America, but where’s the dialogue and debate about sin?
— Joseph Farah,
Indeed!  Mr. Farah even describes the Torah as the place “where sin is defined”.  Sounds like he may know something about the roots of his faith…
wnd article article from 6/26/2016


Menorah: Symbol of Israel

Saw this interesting article on Arutz Sheva (Channel 7) and wanted to share.  The menorah, as the national symbol of Israel, has important symbolic meaning.  Regardless of whether you agree with the assessment given in this piece, the discussion of the menorah’s symbolism to a people and an entire nation is fascinating reading.

Shabbat Shalom!.

menorah article in arutz sheva 2016
Article from Arutz Sheva 6/24/2016

Hold On To Your Hats!

This could be a very interesting day in world history.  Brexit has been approved, so, theoretically at least, Britain will be leaving the European Union.  The British Prime Minister has already announced his resignation and world financial markets are experiencing major volatility.

As we watch these events unfold, let us always be mindful who the true One in charge is, who places kings, kingdoms and makes them fall at His will.  YHWH be praised for He alone is Sovereign!  Whatever “crazy” things happen from this, and there could easily be many dominoes fall as this plays out, we know Who holds all things in His hands.  Many will wring their hands with worry, but the children of the Most High will not falter.  It will be fascinating to see what our Elohim brings to pass in these days…how His Word comes to life in our viewing!  Enjoy the “show”, dear brothers and sisters, with no fear or worry, but with increased faith!

Everyone Needs Rest

Saw this yesterday in the Saturday June 18 issue of The Gazette, a newspaper for Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It struck me that regardless of whether people accept YHWH’s command to rest on the Sabbath, the human body knows how the Creator made it.  Everyone needs rest, whether they admit it or not.

Hoping you had a blessed, restful Sabbath and are ready to face this new week refreshed. Shalom!

cowboy breaks
Graphic from The Gazette, 6/18/2016 issue from Colorado Springs, CO


To paraphrase a famous line….we certainly aren’t in Montana anymore.  Whew!  Not loving this June heatwave we’ve been having…  While I know it is even hotter in some locations, our forecast sure makes me long for Autumn.  You know, there’s really only so much ice cream you can consume.  🙂

June 19 forecastPraying your Sabbath is blessed with air conditioning!   Shabbat Shalom!