Searching What Scriptures?

Truly the Enemy blinds our eyes and clouds our thinking with illogical, nonsensical ideas.  I know in my former mainstream Christian life, it never occurred to me to think more deeply about this verse in Acts.  Now, exactly what were the faithful Bereans using to test Paul’s teachings, to ensure he was speaking truth?  hmmm…..

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2 thoughts on “Searching What Scriptures?

  1. Good day. I studied this for a while. I was wondering what Scriptures the Bereans used, what our Lord used to explain the suffering of the Anointed One, and what is the Scriptures used to show that the Anointed One rose “the third day according to the Scripture”. According to the New Testament, this is from the Torah, Prophets and Psalms. I would like to see what’s your take on all this.



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