A Literal War on Drugs

How many of you have seen news stories of what is happening in the Philippines?  Most of the American mainstream news is not even talking about it.  Some half-jokingly suppose that’s because they fear it will give Donald Trump ideas.  Regardless, the newly elected President in this Southeast Asian country has been fulfilling an election promise which appeared to assist in his landslide victory.  He vowed a “real” war on drugs by wiping out users and dealers without mercy.  He said that drugs are destroying his country and it has to stop at all costs.  Publicly and very clearly, he told police and citizens to kill those they knew were doing or dealing drugs.  In just over a month over 400 people have been killed and a mind-boggling 560,000 plus have turned themselves in to police.  Let those numbers sink in.  And…this results in almost no news coverage?

We are truly living in interesting times.  Hold tight to Adonai and Messiah Yeshua, and keep your mind on His Word.


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