Homestead Dreaming

We continue to dream and pray for a real-life homestead while living in the unexpected and changing circumstances allowed by our gracious Elohim.  There’s no guarantee we’ll ever return to homesteading, that endeavor we treasured years ago and greatly desire to do again.  But while we prayerfully wait, I’ll share some of the inspiring photos that I find along the way.

For the record, I will mention the source where I located these graphics, but can’t guarantee that is the original source or the validity (or sanity) of the referenced site.  My purpose in sharing the photos is just for enjoyment, both yours and mine.

Dream along with us, and… as always, your thoughts and prayers in finding the homestead Adonai has for us, if He indeed purposes this dream to be realized a second time, are appreciated.  Shalom!

farm art
Graphic from Fine Art America, photo by Scott Hovind (

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