Our Words: Sustaining or Threatening Life?

Brad Scott of Wildbranch Ministry is an incredible Bible teacher.  If you have heard him speak either in person or via video, you can attest to his extreme intelligence and enthusiasm!  His website has a short teaching (likely geared toward those new to the Hebraic Roots understanding) titled Mysteries and Truths Hidden within the AlephBet.   I found it applicable at this time because it matches up perfectly with some things Adonai has been reminding me recently.  Our words truly do matter.  Our frivolous speech will be judged by our Creator.  He takes our words very seriously.

Did you know that all the way back into ancient times, it was believed that “evil speech” was the cause of leprosy?  There has never been a good understanding of what causes this disease.  But in ancient times people understood that some physical maladies were manifestations of a spiritual illness.  This is why Yeshua was asked who sinned (this man himself or his parents) for him to be born blind.  Notice what happened to Miriam, Moses’ sister, when she spoke out against him, Israel’s anointed leader.

From Creation, words have held tremendous power.  YHWH used words to call the heavens and earth into existence!  The Adversary accuses the brethren via destructive words.  In the teaching mentioned above, Brad Scott states,

Our words can also be life sustaining or life threatening.

Oh, but keep reading.  (Read the whole article!  It is well worth it!)  He always gives you much more than a simple sound bite.

May we truly understand the importance of choosing our words wisely and not giving in to the temptation to chatter without thinking.  May we grasp how vitally crucial our Creator’s words are and to live daily on them instead of letting them grow cobwebs sitting on our bookshelves.


One thought on “Our Words: Sustaining or Threatening Life?

  1. I try very hard to think before I speak….and more importantly before I write anything down. Words spoken too quickly have a habit of biting us in the butt…..or worse. thanks for the always important reminder.


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